Episode 0, again

In this post, I’ll tell you why I’m starting up my blog, again.

I’d like to tell you because I hope it will help focus my own thinking and writing in the future, it helps set up your expectations, and also because it’s an easy way for me to get some writing momentum going.

My goal here is to create a place where I can reflect on my current practice and training in medicine, and also on ideas I find interesting in general – papers and books I read, or projects I get involved in, etc. I hope it to be a place to think out loud, and think slowly, and, with any luck, find other people willing to read and perhaps write along with me.

I intend my writing here to be casual and provisional. I’ve set my internal bar for writing quality at the level of “email”. I want to take the stance of other bloggers who publish thoughts early on and allow them to develop, or perhaps throw them away later on, all in public. I don’t intend to be reckless with my words, of course, and I want to remain mindful that the internet’s memory is durable and indexes have deep roots.

That is all.